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The average American man is 5'9" tall, weighs 200 pounds and has a 40-inch waist.
The average American, compared to Da Vinci's vitruvian man, is not in shape.
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Body fat is like an alien invader,
altering your body systems to help it grow,
even though it hurts you.
We live in a horn of plenty,
bouncing between unhealthy food and
inactivity, and emerging fat and sick.
The solution to the obesity epidemic
is to narrow the horn of plenty
with healthy food and increased activity.
A look at the natural waistline explains why so many Americans suffer from shrinking leg syndrome.
For a fit person, the natural waist is around the level of the belly button.  However, most
Americans are not fit. The average American man compensates for his bloated belly by
wearing his pants lower on the hips leading to a shorter inseam as his belly grows.