I am the fattest kid from a fat family. Fat was my destiny, along with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other
problems. But if you met me today, you would assume that I am one of the lucky, naturally slim people.

While scientists argue back and forth about why we are fat, debating the fat hypothesis and the carbohydrate
hypothesis, both as individuals and as a nation we have grown fatter, so now almost 70% of American adults are
fat. The science, for all we have come to worship it, is not working. The war on weight began decades ago and no
scientific solution has been discovered. It is time for a little common sense. The best diet is one that works. The
Simply Fit Diet works.

Good habits like saving and investing money or eating well and exercising take years to pay off. Sometimes, in
youth, it seems like the ones who live on charge cards and party all night long are making the right choices. But
as the years go by, the wisdom of thoughtful living begins to pay dividends. Past 50, the party people are still
living on charge cards and showing physical signs of wear and tear–diabetes, for example; while the careful ones
begin to reap the rewards of retirement and the health to enjoy it.

As I put the finishing touches on this book, I have learned that my brother who lost his leg to diabetes has died.
He was 64. Although older brothers don’t listen much to younger brothers, I secretly hoped this book would help
him. Now it is too late. However, his death underscores the importance of making health the most important thing
in life. It strengthens my resolve to eat well and exercise.

I would love to tell you that losing weight and becoming fit is easy. I would love to tell you that you can trim down
without ever being hungry. I would love to tell you that exercising regularly takes no effort. I would love to tell you
there is a magic pill that will make you trim and healthy. But those things are not true. Every day I think about my
weight and every day I make an effort to exercise, but the effort is worth it. At age 50, my health was poor, I could
hardly run three paces. At age 55, I feel 20 years younger and I am planning a
hike to the bottom of the Grand
Canyon. The change took work, but the work was worth it.

If being fit is worth a million dollars of health, I have earned $25,000 for each pound I lost. I now possess a
million-dollars worth of health. Health is a prerequisite for my goals in life. Health is more important than money. I
have been fortunate to be able to improve my health and I want to share what I have learned.

Every day I see people who are so obese, they have trouble walking. I see people whose dietary decisions have
lead to diabetes and other diseases. I want to offer them help and advice, but I also want to respect their privacy.
Writing this book,
The Simply Fit Diet, is my way of resolving this dilemma. The information here is freely available
for those who care enough about their health to make an effort to change. I hope this information has helped you
and I hope you will share it with others. Thank you.
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