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How often should I weigh myself?

(Spoiler alert: The short answer is at
least daily)

Imagine driving down the highway in a
speed enforcement zone. There are
speed cameras and police officers giving
out tickets. You are late for a meeting
and you neither want to spend the time
nor the money on a ticket. Would you
look at your speedometer? Of course
you would. The consequences of being
fat are more far reaching than getting a
speeding ticket, but a huge number of
people never look at the speedometer–in
this case the scale–to monitor how they
are doing.

Diet books and websites are full of
recommendations about how
infrequently you should weigh yourself.
Some say weekly, others say monthly
and a few say never. Why the myth that
not weighing yourself is healthy began
and why it is perpetuated is beyond me.
What you weigh today is a reality you
must face. What you weigh tomorrow is
part of that reality. How your food and
beverage consumption affects your
weight is important. Of course your
weight will vary from day to day. You
should become familiar with the variance
and face reality. What effect does
drinking a liter of water have on your
weight? Might as well find out. What
happens to your weight when you go
overboard and drink a six pack of beer
and eat half a pizza? You did it, so face
reality. If pigging out on pizza and beer
causes you to gain three pounds, you
might as well know it immediately,
instead of waiting a week or month to
see the results, and in which time you
might repeat the experience three more
times because you did not face the
consequences the first time.

Science provides the best answer to how
often you should weigh yourself.  A
number of
studies show that people who
weigh themselves daily take off weight
more quickly and keep the weight off
better. A
comprehensive study of the
research finds there is evidence of the
benefit of daily weighing, but no studies
that show harm.  Daily weighing is a no-
cost, low-effort way to maximize your
weight loss. Just as the price of liberty is
constant vigilance, the price of fitness is
constant monitoring. A key aspect of
Simply Fit Diet, both when you are losing
weight and later when you transition to
maintaining your weight, is monitoring.

Recording your weight at least daily is
a strategy you should adopt now and
maintain for the rest of your life.

Download a weight chart.
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