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Hiking Grand Canyon
Fast Facts:
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Q: How many miles is it from the Rim to
the River by trail at Grand Canyon?

A: It is 8.1 miles (12.9 km) by trail from
the South Rim to the River at Pipe Creek
Beach on
Bright Angel Trail, and 7 miles
(11.3 km) on
South Kaibab Trail.

Q: How far is it from South Rim to North
Rim at the Grand Canyon?

It is 10 miles as the crow flies, 21 miles
by trail (South Kaibab and North Kaibab
Trails) and 215 miles (about four hours)
by car.

Q: Where is the best place to stay on the
rim of Grand Canyon?

Bright Angel Cabins.

Q: Where can you get a fast update on
Trail Conditions at Grand Canyon?

A: Call 928-638-7888 (and follow the
rather annoying prompts).