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Is body fat an alien invader?  It sure acts
like it
.  Excess body fat causes or
exacerbates a host of diseases including
cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  
Lugging around an extra 40 pounds of
fat increases stress on your back, knees
and ankles and makes you less likely to
exercise and more likely to be
depressed.  Fat spreads its tentacles into
your back, face and internal organs.  But
your fat does not care about your sore
back.  Your fat does not care about your
increased chances of disease.  Your fat
seeks to grow even though it hurts you.  
In many ways, your fat is a monster.  Fat
alters the
hormones you secrete and
even alters your
brain to convince you to
eat more of the foods that helps it grow.

t may be helpful to draw on the movie
Little Shop of Horrors a
nd think of your
fat as Audrey, an alien invader who must
be evicted.  This mental trick allows a
dieter to separate cravings from hunger.  
Most cravings are for high-fat, high-
sugar, carbohydrate-rich foods which
provide little nutrition, but make Audrey
stronger.  Cravings are for a single food
or class of foods, for example candy.
ou can distinguish hunger from craving
by asking if an apple will satisfy your
desire.  If an apple will do, you are
hungry and should eat.  If only a candy
will do, you should wait the craving out
and Audrey will shrink and eventually
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Is body fat is an alien invader?
Body fat is like an alien invader,
altering your body systems to help it grow,
even though it hurts you.
Body fat is becoming a national crisis.  In
the U.S.,
74% of men and 64% of
are overweight or obese–almost
70% of the adult population.  
of American adults have
diabetes and 35% have pre-diabetes.  
The American military rejects
27% of
recruits because they are too heavy and
more than half of active duty personnel
are overweight.  H
ow did we get here?  
The answer in part is found in the
example I recently saw of an obese
chicken nuggets at a fast food
restaurant.  Two hundred years ago, a
person who wanted chicken would chase
down a chicken, pluck it, chop wood and
build a fire to cook it, and wash the
dishes afterwards.  Now, you don’t even
need to get out or your car to get a
chicken dinner.  We are living in a horn
of plenty, bordered on one side by
unhealthy food and on the other by
inactivity, and emerging fat and
unhealthy.  The solution to the problem is
to reverse the horn of plenty with healthy
food and increased activity.
We live in a horn of plenty,
bouncing between unhealthy food and
inactivity, and emerging fat and sick.
The solution to the obesity epidemic
is to narrow the horn of plenty
with healthy food and increased activity.
Some simple steps can help, even
without dieting.  For example, the
average American drinks about 400
calories a day.  Yet
studies show the
body ignores beverage calories.  You eat
the same amount whether or not you
consume a beverage and whether of not
that beverage has calories.  If the
average American would stop drinking
caloric beverages and not replace those
calories with other foods, he could lose
35 pounds a year with no other dietary

Another simple strategy is to follow the
old adage, “eat dinner like a king, lunch
like a merchant and dinner like a
pauper.”  A controlled
study provided
participants with the same number of
calories a day, but those who ate the
most calories at breakfast and the fewest
at dinner lost more weight and were
healthier.  You can lose weight by
changing your eating pattern, even if you
eat the same quantity of food.

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