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Why blood pressure matters.

To help think understand the importance
of blood pressure, try this.  First, make
your fist into a wide circle and blow
through it.  The air passes easily.  Next,
clench your fist to make the space small.
It takes a lot more effort to move the air
through the small space. This is like the
contrast between normal and high blood
pressure. When your blood pressure is
high, it indicates that the veins and
arteries are clogged with plaque and the
heart has to work harder to send blood to
the places that need it.  High blood
pressure significantly increases your risk
of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease
and premature death.

About 1 in 3 Americans have high blood
pressure.  In the 55-64 year old age
group, about 54% have high blood
pressure (

Normal blood pressure is below 120
systolic and 80 diastolic (120/80).  It
used to be expected that blood pressure
would increase with age, so that some
said your systolic blood pressure should
be 100 plus your age (for me, that would
be 157!).  But it has become clear that
the old standard is wrong.  Not only can
you maintain your blood pressure, you
can lower it with healthy eating habits
and exercise.

For example, Dr.
Esselstyn has
demonstrated that a vegan diet can
significantly improve the condition of
coronary arteries.  Figure A shows the
artery before the dietary improvements,
and Figure B is 32 months later.

Personally, my blood pressure had been
in the high normal range for most of my
life.  However, since adopting The Simply
Fit Diet, it has dropped to the low normal
range and often lower.  Small dietary
changes can have a big effect.  
Recently, I quit caffeine and dropped my
blood pressure about 10%--as much
improvement as most people get taking
medication!  High blood pressure is not a
necessary byproduct of aging.  With a
healthy diet and exercise, you should be
able to maintain healthy blood pressure
throughout your life.
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