Chapter 12.  Summary of The Simply Fit Diet
We live in a virtual horn of plenty, where fattening foods and inactivity result in almost 70% of adult Americans
being overweight or obese. Being fat is dangerous, increasing your risk of a host of diseases, including diabetes,
cardiovascular disease and dementia. On a systemic basis, the solution is simple, we need to squeeze the horn
of plenty with healthy foods and increased activity so that we return to a healthy weight. But on a personal basis,
the issue is much more complex. Losing weight takes effort. To motivate you to make that effort, I recommend
making fitness a matter of life or death before it becomes a matter of life or death

To build a foundation for the Simply Fit Diet you should take a good look at yourself. Really. Stand naked in front
of a mirror and evaluate where you are. Further, step on the scale. Weigh yourself today and every day for the
rest of your life. Monitoring your weight is an essential step to becoming simply fit. Set a reasonable weight goal
based on yourself, not people you see on TV. Write that weight goal down. Remind yourself of your weight goal
before every meal by standing in front of a mirror and lifting up your shirt, or by grabbing a handful of fat and
saying, “this is why I need to diet.” Understand that a good night’s sleep is important to weight loss. Make
sleeping well a personal goal and use common sense to help you to reach that goal.

Acknowledge that you have a weight problem and give up eating junk, for today and forever. Define “junk” as all
foods with refined grains, or added sugar, oil, or salt. Also eliminate potatoes, diet and low-fat products. Instead,
focus on eating natural, whole foods. If you imagine the universe of food as a watermelon, cut off one end
representing junk food and permanently discard it.

To help you return to a healthful weight, you will need to go on a reducing diet. The Simply Fit Diet provides two
paths, the first path is to stop eating grains and grain products. That means no amaranth, barley, buckwheat,
bulgur, corn, couscous, einkorn, millet, oats, quinoa, rice, rye, sorghum, triticale, or wheat. If you picture the
watermelon representing the universe of food again, cut off one end of the watermelon representing junk and the
other end of the watermelon representing grain. Toss them. All of the rest of the food in the world is available to
you on this path of the Simply Fit Diet.

Additionally, adopt a weight-reducing eating pattern. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a merchant and dinner
like a pauper. The best time to be hungry is at night. Strive for variety in the foods you eat. Buy food in season
and on sale. Try new foods. To encourage variety, eat at least one vegan meal every six meals.

Quit drinking your calories. If you quit drinking caloric beverages and did not replace those calories with other
sources, you could lose 35 pounds a year with no other dietary changes.

The second path of the Simply Fit Diet is to stop eating animal products and wheat. Every other food in the world,
including non-wheat whole grains, is available to you on this path. If the universe of food is represented by a
watermelon, cut off one end of the watermelon representing junk. Cut off the other end of the watermelon
representing animal products, and then make one more slice representing wheat. Toss them. All the remaining
food is available to you.

Both paths of the Simply Fit Diet will result in steady, healthful weight loss. But diet alone is not enough. Exercise
is an essential component of fitness and you should strive to exercise for an hour a day. If you do not have a
favorite form of exercise, try walking, America’s most popular activity.

The most common dietary bad habits are alcohol and caffeine consumption. On the Simply Fit Diet you should
strive to reduce your bad habits by at least a third, and to confine caffeine to the morning hours and stop drinking
alcohol around dinner time.

On the Simply Fit Diet you will obtain abundant nutrition from a wide variety of healthful, natural foods. Absent a
special medical need, vitamin and mineral supplements are unnecessary. Also, you should strive to avoid over
the counter drugs and other chemicals. When in doubt, take the natural route.

The best diet is one that works, and either path of the Simply Fit Diet will work. The most healthful diet, however,
is not as clear. My best guess is that merging the paths of the Simply Fit Diet so that you eat animal products only
about once every three to six meals, and that you incorporate whole grains into your diet as tolerated, is the most
healthful diet.

If you follow the Simply Fit Diet, you will reach your weight goal. However, once you reach your weight goal, you
face a dangerous time. Most dieters regain the weight they lost. By continuing to carefully monitor your weight
and by slowly reintroducing eliminated foods into your diet, you can maintain a healthy weight.
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