Chapter 11.  The End of the Path and the
Second Most Dangerous Decision
I have repeatedly reminded you that the Simply Fit Diet paths are a reducing diet and that you do not need to
stay on forever. But when you reach your weight goal, you face a very hazardous time–almost as hazardous as
the day you started the diet. As many as
90% of typical dieters regain the weight they have lost. The Simply
Fit Diet’s lifetime plan of weight monitoring will help you to avoid the weight gain that plagues many dieters. Still,
when you reach your numeric goal and look at yourself in the mirror and find yourself amazed and satisfied with
your reflection, it is very easy to revert to old habits. I strongly encourage you
not to go back to your old eating
habits. That will result in an amazingly fast rocket trip back to your old weight or even higher. It is important to
slowly introduce foods you have eliminated and to carefully evaluate how they affect your weight.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. On the grain-free path, creating interesting breakfasts can be
challenging. After you reach your weight goal, you may wish to reintroduce oatmeal to your morning meal. My
suggestion is that you have it one morning and then do not repeat the meal for three days. Carefully evaluate
how the new food affects you and track whether it leads to weight increase. If you tolerate it well, keep it on your
menu and move on to another food–for example adding some brown rice to your evening stir fry. Once again,
only do it once every three days and carefully evaluate its effect. You get the idea. Do not make wholesale
changes to your diet or it could quickly get out of hand. Decide what you want to eat, experimentally add a bit of it
to your diet, and continue to carefully monitor your weight.
Audrey’s ghost.

Earlier in the book I asked you to imagine that your fat is like a foreign invader that has taken root in your body
and is screaming, “feed me.” When you complete the Simply Fit Diet, Audrey will be gone. You will be fit and trim.
But Audrey’s ghost remains. Her vestigial roots will call out quietly, “a little pizza won’t hurt.” When you are fit, it is
easy to listen to Audrey and try to eat like everyone else. But you are not like everyone else. Remember, you
have a problem with weight and a little carelessness will pile the weight on quickly. You must be good on your diet
to the point of being near-perfect. Do not give in to Audrey. Remember t
he price of fitness is constant
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It is highly likely you will start to gain weight. Set a limit of how much weight gain you will accept without taking
action–perhaps ten pounds. If you exceed this amount, strip away the added foods, give your body a chance to
adjust to the change, and use the tools you have learned to return to your weight goal. Then, more slowly and
carefully, add foods back into your diet.

Remember, the price of fitness is constant vigilance. You have made a long journey from fat to fit, and it is worth
the effort it takes to maintain your current state of fitness. Do not stop recording your weight, the action of
recording your weight will help you to maintain your weight loss. Also, remember that fat accumulates again in the
opposite pattern in which you lost it. So if your belly is the last place to become trim, monitor it for increased fat
deposits. The mirror as well as the scale should be a tool in the constant vigilance it takes to maintain fitness.

You can and will reach your weight goal. But this is a critical time. Do not go back to old habits. Slowly experiment
with excluded foods and pull back when weight increases. Congratulations on becoming simply fit.