Chapter 10.  Merging the Paths
The Simply Fit Diet differs from most diets by offering two dietary paths. Both paths share a foundation of
dumping the junk and focusing on single ingredient natural foods. The grain-free path allows broad consumption
of meat and animal products, while the vegan path eliminates animal products almost entirely. It is highly likely
that if you have followed one path or the other, you will favor it and want to stay on it. That’s fine. However, as this
book comes to a close, I have a few more suggestions.

Weight loss is a slow process, akin to steering an ocean liner. However, weight loss is easily observable on your
weight chart. You know your diet is working when the numbers go down.

Choosing the most healthy diet possible, however, is not as easy. Answers to questions like, “does meat
consumption increase cancer risk?” and, “does wine consumption decrease the risk of dementia?” are not
provided in weeks or months on a weight chart. Answers to these questions will take years and the issues may
not be clearly resolved in our lifetimes. Choosing the most healthy long term diet is based, to a great degree, on
feelings, hunches, guesses and faith. The recommendations I make in this chapter are completely optional. They
do, however, reflect my opinion of the most healthy diet.

There are definite indications that consuming large quantities of meat and animal products is positively correlated
with getting cancer and heart disease, and conversely eating large quantities of vegetables and fruits is
negatively correlated with cancer and heart disease, perhaps because of some protective effect of the vegetables
and fruits. This correlation disappears when animal products constitute less than 10% of the total calories

I have used both the vegan path and the grain-free path to maintain a healthy weight. In my estimation, the grain-
free path is the easiest, but on it, it is easy to slip into consuming a large quantity of animal products that may be
harmful in the long term.

Similarly, the vegan path is effective, although I must admit as a pure vegan, with my high level of physical activity,
I felt a bit low on energy and my muscle mass decreased alarmingly. For me, a pure vegan diet did not provide all
of the nutrients I felt I needed for optimal function.

My solution is to merge the grain-free and vegan paths. I eat animal products only once every three to six meals,
and then as part of a meal–a bit of meat in a stir fry or served over a bed of lettuce, or some yogurt with my
morning fruit. For me this incorporates the best of both paths, the cancer and heart disease avoidance of the
vegan path plus the extra energy of the grain-free path. Whether you choose to stick with one path or to merge
them as I have done, is strictly up to how you think and feel. The main goal of the Simply Fit Diet is attaining a
healthy weight. You can do that on either path.
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